Ep. #098 Bonus - Bridging the Generational Gap: Gen Z

Pastor Brolin interviews three Gen Zers, Maddie Fenrich, Emmett McAlerney, and Hannah Ward, for a final interview with the generations.

Pastor Brolin interviews three members of the Gen Z: Maddie Fenrich, Emmet McAlerney, and Hannah Ward.

2:58 What was the defining event for your generation?

7:18 What cultural icon do you think represents your generation?

13:05 What would you say is the greatest technological advancement of your generation?

15:51 What was one value your parents emphasized when you were growing up?

18:41 How do you think that affected your church experience?

28:28 If you had one value you could pass on to the next generation, what would it be?

32:14 What is it like to be in your schools today?

35:05 What do you feel the biggest misconception of your generation is?
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