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Ep. #048 - Is Church Ministry Necessary?

What is church ministry? While someone may be able to describe different aspects of church ministry, the actual definition may be more difficult to obtain. In the final installment of the series, the guys ask the question, "Is church ministry necessary?".

Ep. #047 - Is Discipleship Necessary?

"Go and make disciples of all nations" is a phrase that the church knows and quotes often. Do we really believe that? Is making disciples a good idea or a command from God?

Ep. #046 - Is Spiritual Authority Necessary?

What is spiritual authority? And if Christ is the authority over man, how does man continue the authoritative structure to the world in the right way?

Ep. #045 - Is The Church Necessary?

Is the church necessary? The guys hash out what the church is and is not, and if the church is truly an imperative part of the Christian walk.

Ep. #044 - Evangelism and the Church

What do you think about when you hear the word evangelism? Do you shout its merits from the rooftop or do you run and hide?

Ep. #043 - Tiger Woods and the Story of Redemption

Who doesn't love a good redemption story? In lieu of Tiger Wood's winning of the 2019 Masters, we discuss how his story of redemption can point us toward true redemption.

Ep. #042 - Women and Culture ft. Ashley Possin

What are some of the challenges that women face in the current culture? Ashley Possin joins the pastors to discuss this very topic!

Ep. #041 - Sex and Culture ft. Jason Soucinek

Jason Soucinek, Executive Director for local organization, Project Six19, joins to conclude the on-going conversation on sex and culture.

Ep. #040 - Sex Gone Wrong

If sex is a good gift from God, how do we get it wrong?

Ep. #039 - Let's Talk About Sex Q&A

The pastors answer listener questions about sex.

Ep. #038 - Let's Talk About Sex

We're not pulling any punches... Let's talk about sex! (Listener discretion advised.)

Ep. #037 - Sexual Abuse and the Church

The pastors take on the heavy topic of sexual abuse within the church.

Ep. #036 - Is it Okay to Doubt God ft. Nicole Weatherly

Nicole Weatherly, Creative Arts & Music Coordinator here at Shiloh Hills Fellowship, joins Aaron and Brolin as they discuss if it is okay to doubt God at times.

Ep. #035 - A Renewed Direction

We're taking a redefined direction for the future of our podcast. How can we address an ever-changing culture with a biblical perspective?

Ep. #034 - Sacrifice: The Way of the Kingdom

How does Jesus show us how sacrifice is not just personal fulfillment but the way to live in the Kingdom of God?

Ep. #033 - Grace or Grief

Believers can be bearers of grace or bearers of grief toward one another and an unbelieving world.

Ep. #032 - Make Jesus Strange Again ft. Dr. Michael Kibbe

Dr. Michael Kibbe, Dean of Communication and Theology at Great Northern University, encourages us to make Jesus strange again.

Ep. #031 - Spiritual Blindness

How do the Pharisees and disciples exhibit spiritual blindness? And how we can avoid it?

Ep. #030 - Traditions: Helpful or Hindering

Are traditions helpful and hindering? Or can they be both?

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