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Ep. #069 - Pride and Prejudice

How would you define prejudice? Is it different from racism? Thomas and Brolin discuss how pride and prejudice show up in church and culture and some ways we can fight against it.

Ep. #068 - The Environment

When the topic of the environment comes up, what comes to mind? As a Christian, do you have a responsibility to the environment? Continuing the series "I Pledge Allegiance...", the guys discuss the responsibility we have as kingdom people to creation and the dangers of minimizing or idolizing care for the environment.

Ep. #067 - Guns and Gays (Pt. 2)

As we continue our series entitled, "I Pledge Allegiance...", we discuss same-sex marriage and the biblical case for affirming and non-affirming positions and how sexuality can become an idol.

Ep. #066 - Guns and Gays (Pt. 1)

Continuing the series "I Pledge Allegiance...", the guys discuss guns and the idol of security. Does the Bible give Christians the right to be safe? And how should our faith impact how we exercise our second amendment right?

Ep. #065 - I Pledge Allegiance...

What does it mean when we say " I Pledge Allegiance"? Can we pledge allegiance to more than one thing? Is it possible that our country can become an idol? Thomas reunites with the gang to talk about our allegiance to our country in light of the Kingdom of God.

Ep. #064 - The Respectable Sin of Pride

There are different ways pride shows itself, including our own doctrine. So how can we apply the gospel to pride? Find out how to fight pride in your own life!

Ep. #063 - Anxiety, Discontentment, and Thanklessness

Have you ever thought of your anxiety or discontentment as sins? Do you find yourself being thankless? Find out how to combat these sins and how the hope of the gospel changes how we view these respectable sins.

Ep. #062 - The Root of All Sins

Is pride really the root of sin? If not, what is? Aaron and Brolin talk about the first respectable sin and how to combat it.

Ep. #061 - The Remedy for Sin

Who is the gospel for? If the gospel is just for unbelievers, what makes us think that we have the power to overcome sin after our profession of faith? The pastors discuss the importance of the gospel as the remedy for sin, both before and after switching our allegiance to Jesus.

Ep. #060 - Do Christians Take Sin Seriously?

If you were to create an Mt. Rushmore of sins, what sins would be on it? Are there some sins that are more "acceptable" or "respectable" than others? On this week's episode, Pastors Aaron and Brolin tackle the question, "Do Christians take sin seriously?".

Ep. #059 - What Should Christians Expect from Government (Pt. 3)?

Death and taxes - two things that undoubtedly will come our way. As we discuss these topics, we're also tackling equality and tolerance of false religions. (This concludes our mini-series on Faith and Politics.)

Ep. #058 - What Should Christians Expect from Government? (Pt. 2)

Pastors Aaron and Brolin continue their conversation on what Christians should ask of government. In this episode, we look at the government's responsibility to establish peace and to do justice.

Ep. #057 - What Should Christians Expect from Government? (Pt. 1)

What should our expectation as Christians be of our government system? And how should our bible inform our expectations? (This is part one of a mini-series on what Christians should expect from government.)

Ep. #056 - What Should Christians Do For Government?

John F. Kennedy famously said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your countryā€¯. This week the guys tackle this question in light of being believers. Their answers might surprise you!

Ep. #055 - How Do We Have a Faithful Presence in Politics?

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between how you interpret your bible and how you engage in politics? This week the guys discuss how having a good hermeneutic will make you a better steward with your politics, how we should deal with gray matters, and what you should expect from your pastor during the political season.

Ep. #054 - How Do I Engage in Politics Faithfully?

As Christians, how should we see the nations in which we live? And how should we see ourselves in relation to the nations in which we live? The Bible depicts all nations and kingdoms as Babylon and that makes us exiles in a place that is not our home. This ultimately should affect how we integrate faith and politics.

Ep. #053 - Should Faith and Politics Be Separate?

Have you ever heard someone say, "There are two things you should not talk about, faith and politics"? Well, Aaron and Brolin are going to break both of those rules today as they begin their series on faith and politics! Should faith and politics be separated? What about the separation of church and state? If you have questions you would like the guys to answer on the podcast, follow us on Instagram and Facebook (@shiloh_spokane) and send us your questions!

Ep. #052 - Year in Review

One year down! Can you believe we've been at this for a whole year? Join us as we reflect on the past year and look on to the future of the podcast. Got a topic you'd like discussed? Let us know on Twitter: @wellgettherepod

Ep. #051 - You Might Be A Fool If...

How does someone know they are a fool? Does foolishness have symptoms? Aaron and Brolin discuss the characteristics of a fool in Jeff Foxworthy style.

Ep. #050 - Do Choices Really Have Consequences? ft. Nicole Weatherly

We all know that choices have consequences. But have you stopped to think about the different types of consequences? And are consequences purely a negative thing? Creative Arts and Music Coordinator of Shiloh, Nicole Weatherly, joins Aaron and Brolin to discuss wisdom and consequences.

Ep. #049 - Listening and Learning

If you have ever been on social media, you are probably aware that listening and learning are not common postures people gravitate towards. Are listening and learning valued traits in today's society? And what does the Bible have to say about it?

Ep. #048 - Is Church Ministry Necessary?

What is church ministry? While someone may be able to describe different aspects of church ministry, the actual definition may be more difficult to obtain. In the final installment of the series, the guys ask the question, "Is church ministry necessary?".

Ep. #047 - Is Discipleship Necessary?

"Go and make disciples of all nations" is a phrase that the church knows and quotes often. Do we really believe that? Is making disciples a good idea or a command from God?

Ep. #046 - Is Spiritual Authority Necessary?

What is spiritual authority? And if Christ is the authority over man, how does man continue the authoritative structure to the world in the right way?

Ep. #045 - Is The Church Necessary?

Is the church necessary? The guys hash out what the church is and is not, and if the church is truly an imperative part of the Christian walk.

Ep. #044 - Evangelism and the Church

What do you think about when you hear the word evangelism? Do you shout its merits from the rooftop or do you run and hide?

Ep. #043 - Tiger Woods and the Story of Redemption

Who doesn't love a good redemption story? In lieu of Tiger Wood's winning of the 2019 Masters, we discuss how his story of redemption can point us toward true redemption.

Ep. #042 - Women and Culture ft. Ashley Possin

What are some of the challenges that women face in the current culture? Ashley Possin joins the pastors to discuss this very topic!

Ep. #041 - Sex and Culture ft. Jason Soucinek

Jason Soucinek, Executive Director for local organization, Project Six19, joins to conclude the on-going conversation on sex and culture.

Ep. #040 - Sex Gone Wrong

If sex is a good gift from God, how do we get it wrong?

Ep. #039 - Let's Talk About Sex Q&A

The pastors answer listener questions about sex.

Ep. #038 - Let's Talk About Sex

We're not pulling any punches... Let's talk about sex! (Listener discretion advised.)

Ep. #037 - Sexual Abuse and the Church

The pastors take on the heavy topic of sexual abuse within the church.

Ep. #036 - Is it Okay to Doubt God ft. Nicole Weatherly

Nicole Weatherly, Creative Arts & Music Coordinator here at Shiloh Hills Fellowship, joins Aaron and Brolin as they discuss if it is okay to doubt God at times.

Ep. #035 - A Renewed Direction

We're taking a redefined direction for the future of our podcast. How can we address an ever-changing culture with a biblical perspective?

Ep. #034 - Sacrifice: The Way of the Kingdom

How does Jesus show us how sacrifice is not just personal fulfillment but the way to live in the Kingdom of God?

Ep. #033 - Grace or Grief

Believers can be bearers of grace or bearers of grief toward one another and an unbelieving world.

Ep. #032 - Make Jesus Strange Again ft. Dr. Michael Kibbe

Dr. Michael Kibbe, Dean of Communication and Theology at Great Northern University, encourages us to make Jesus strange again.

Ep. #031 - Spiritual Blindness

How do the Pharisees and disciples exhibit spiritual blindness? And how we can avoid it?

Ep. #030 - Traditions: Helpful or Hindering

Are traditions helpful and hindering? Or can they be both?

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